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Introducing Grayscale Painting !

You paint directly on the grayscale image, applying acrylic or watercolor paint to the image’s shadows and highlights. Similar to grayscale coloring, the grayscale painting will guide you, helping you to know where to apply light or dark colors. Grayscale Painting is a great way to build your confidence with painting.



This PDF includes a full color reference photo of the painting and a grayscale photo of the painting for you to use for your Grayscale Painting. Print the pages in this PDF book to be printed cardstock, paper, watercolor paper or canvas paper. Be sure to allow 24 hours for the ink to dry after printing. When you are ready to paint you can use acrylic or watercolor paint. Simply follow the grays in the grayscale photo as you paint applying light colors where the grays are lightest and darker colors where the grays are darkest. In addition to this PDF you will need acrylic or watercolor paint, assorted paintbrushes, water to clean your brushes, paper towel to dry your brushes and masking tape to tape your printed paper or canvas paper to a hard surface to avoid the paper buckling while painting. A basic set of paint colors should include red, yellow, blue, white, brown, black which can be mixed to create any color.

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