So many people have commented about how they have lost their coloring mojo. They just cannot get themselves to color like they used to and find themselves in a coloring slump.
They still participate in coloring groups, they still watch live coloring tutorials but they are just not coloring like they used to or they have stopped completely.
Is this you ? Have you lost your coloring mojo ? Many people have asked me how I am able to draw so many books, paint so much and stay creative on a consistent daily basis.
They want to know my secret. I want to help you find your coloring mojo or any other creative mojo you are looking for.
Each day for 4 days there will be a Podcast for you to listen to at your own leisure and an action step for you to take to spark your creativity.
There is no pressure for you to color. There is no pressure for you to join an event.
I just want you to listen to each day’s podcast and complete the simple action step. And just simply open your mind and heart to new possibilities.


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Episode 4- Everyday Creativity

Episode 3- Creativity & Perfectionism


Episode 2- The Creative Adult

Episode 1 – Creativity and Self Doubt